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Advance Concepts, Inc. (ACI) began in 1982 as an audiovisual production firm with a focus on cutting-edge multimedia presentation technology. Today, ACI has evolved to become a trusted partner to worldwide industries and organizations of all sizes. We work with our clients to design solutions for production and staging events ranging from simple meeting rooms to the most complex media-rich broadcast, production and design challenges faced by management, media and event production teams.

ACI engagements go beyond the traditional client experience. We have developed a unique ability to scale our solutions to meet your needs, whether that is providing services for small, intimate gatherings, or fast-paced, intricate production of live events with thousands of attendees. Our production capabilities range from presentation projection and satellite broadcasting to entirely virtual event productions, supported by vibrant graphic and video design.

Meet your team
  • Phil Joseph

    Founder and CEO

    Phil Joseph is the founder and President of Advance Concepts, Inc. ACI began in 1982 with Phil’s vision for a full-service AV company focused on personal client relationships, and for four decades he has guided clients through the challenging and multifaceted process of event AV. Currently, he continues to “lead from the front” by acting as Show Director, or managing live procedure satellite broadcasts from surgical suites. With his detail-oriented vision and enduring personal relationships, he inspires complete confidence from his clients, employees, and contractors alike. Whether it’s going the extra mile to seek tape that matches the carpet color, or ensuring that the presenters have a glass of water onstage, his attention to minutiae guarantees a polished and memorable event experience for all involved. In his off-hours, you can find Phil at Cedar Creek with his son fly fishing for trout or trying to get his numerous orchids to bloom.

  • Rebecca Draznin

    VP, Services

    Rebecca is Advance Concepts’ Vice President of Services and has been with the company for 25 years. Rebecca is the main point of contact for most clients. Her wealth of experience includes first-contact and discovery meetings with clients, as well as developing project parameters, budgets, and schedules. A master of production management, Rebecca hires crews, coordinates with vendors, and procures the necessary resources, effortlessly juggling a dozen or more eggs on a daily basis. During events, she facilitates coordination and communication between clients, vendors and event staff, ensuring that everyone is confident in their role. Once events are completed and Rebecca takes off her running shoes, she oversees accurate and timely delivery of final deliverables. After a long day's work, Rebecca likes to relax with a good glass of California Pinot Noir while crafting scrapbooks of family photos and mementos.

  • Bryan Arminio

    Senior Media Project Manager

    If you can see it, Bryan deals with it. As Creative Director, he handles all of our visual design needs, including graphics, animations, lower thirds, and backgrounds, as well as recordings and live streams. Before the event commences, he confirms that everything will look clean and cohesive. Then, once the event starts, he verifies that any technical issues are ironed out to ensure a flawless attendee experience, all the while safeguarding against any last-minute challenges. When not engaged with live events, he is always looking out for clever solutions to existing and foreseeable challenges. And when not being clever, he participates in competitive karaoke, which is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. His favorite animals are geese (because they are chaos demons) and his favorite color is #98b2d3.

  • Dan Holm

    Senior Producer

    An established veteran of many years of ACI event productions, Dan has recently joined the team on a full-time basis. He brings his calm professional demeanor, expert problem-solving skills, practical know-how, and unerring attention to detail to ensure that each and every ACI client’s program is flawlessly directed. In his free time, Dan enjoys landscaping and gardening, attending musical performances, and relaxing with his wife at their farm on the James River in Virginia.

  • Joe Hummel

    IT Director

    The Director of IT, Joe Hummel, has been with ACI for over 13 years. Joe guides our event tech, by maintaining, developing, and securing our compute and application assets. During events, you'll find Joe busy managing our Speaker Ready services, where he assists meeting faculty with their content to guarantee a flawless presentation experience. After events, he oversees the content archiving process before the final delivery of presentation content to clients and attendees via ACI's custom archive products. When he is not masterminding event technology, he leads our web development team in building the next generation of Advance Concepts digital services. When Joe isn’t cleaning up the next event's agenda data, he enjoys unplugging from the digital world by cycling around the peaceful bike trails of Northern Virginia.

  • Angie Kail

    Office Manager

    Angie is the heart and soul of Advance Concepts. Though most clients have not met her in person, they instantly recognize the voice on the phone. As ACI's Office Manager of 7 years, she handles all of the day-to-day minutiae of the business, from answering the phones to handling travel and hotel logistics for employees and crew. She ensures that all the bills get paid and the lights are kept on. Angie is the wizard behind the curtain who makes sure that the printers have paper and the Keurig has cups, all while assuring that everyone always has a smiling face to see when they walk in the door. When Angie isn’t managing the office she enjoys taking walks with her daughter and curling up with a good book.

  • Jeff Lee

    A/V Specialist / Warehouse Manager

    Formerly a longtime independent contractor for ACI, Jeff Lee is a newly-minted addition to the core team. Ever the talented contributor, he pulls double duty as both AV Specialist and Warehouse Manager. With over two decades' experience as a freelancer, Jeff brings diverse industry knowledge ranging from audio and video, to lighting and carpentry. A graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, Jeff is a Bass Guitarist and enjoys playing music in different bands in his downtime.

  • Jay Peterson

    Video Specialist

    The Swiss Army Knife of ACI, Jay Peterson, is our self-professed “pro audio geek” who operates our sound booth for professional voiceover recordings and edits client footage into polished packages. And on top of all that, he hasn’t met a piece of AV equipment yet that he couldn’t mend back to new. An indispensable part of the team, Jay literally keeps the lights on around the office and the tools of our trade-in good repair. In his downtime, he writes and records music at his home recording studio and photographs wildlife.

  • Carl Redmon

    Lead Event Technician

    Carl Redmon, a recent addition to the Advance Concepts team. With extensive experience in the audiovisual industry, Carl brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye and ear for all things audiovisual. As a highly skilled technician, Carl has contributed to numerous significant events over the past decade, ranging from government and corporate meetings to supporting major sports leagues such as MLS, WNBA, NBA G-League, Premiere League Lacrosse, and UFL. Beyond his technical expertise, Carl is also a talented musician, particularly known for his skills as a drummer and percussionist. In his personal life, Carl goes by the affectionate nickname "Daddysaur" to his beautiful daughters and is a devoted husband to his wife.


2015 Telly Award
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2021 Telly Award
SIR Y-90 The Complete Course

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2003 Aurora Award
Vance International "The Best" CD/Video

Video Production

2015 Telly Award
ISET 2015 Conference

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ITVADC Peer Awards
ISET 2015 Opening Video

Program Open

2011 Telly Award
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The Catalyst Awards
IZET: Driving Forces for Change



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